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The best cheap CS2 knife and glove combos

cheap cs2 knife and glove combos

As you might know, with the launch of Counter-Strike 2, all of the skins are looking quite different because of the new graphic upgrades. Some might look better, some might look worse. And the whole skin market has exploded in the last couple of years, making it almost impossible to find that dream combo without having to spend all of your life-savings. However, we have tried our best to put together a list of some of the best cheapest knife and glove combos in CS2. Continue reading.

broken fang gloves yellow-banded & huntsman knife lore

First we have the Broken Fang Gloves Yellow-banded combined with the Huntsman Knife Lore. Both of the screenshots above are in Field-Tested condition and that’s what we recommend, as you still get a pretty good quality and they are a lot cheaper compared to Minimal Wear and Factory New. You can get both of these for around $450 on marketplaces like skinport and skinbaron.

Moto gloves smoke out & bowie knife or flip knife damascus steel

The second combo on this list is the field-tested Moto Gloves Smoke Out combined with either the Bowie Knife or Flip Knife Damascus Steel. This is a great combo that you can get for around $450-$500 on sites like skinport and skinbaron depending on which knife you pick, as the flip knife is a bit more expensive. Make sure to turn up your video settings to make that damascus steel look better.

Driver gloves black tie & huntsman knife black laminate

This might be the cleanest CS2 skin combo on this list. Driver Gloves Black Tie combined with a Huntsman Knife Black Laminate, both of them are field-tested as well. You can grab this combo for $500 on marketplaces like skinport or skinbaron. We for sure recommend you to get the field-tested gloves on this one as the minimal wear ones are almost 3x the price!

Specialist gloves marble fade & stiletto knife marble fade

This next combo is a bit more expensive, but it’s still one of the more cheaper knife and glove combos you can get in todays market. It’s a Marble Fade combination, grab both the Specialist Gloves and the Stiletto Knife on skinport or skinbaron for a total of $900-$1,000 depending on which glove-exterior you go with. We actually recommend the battle-scarred ones here, but if you want to pay $150 extra, you could always get the well-worn. Yes we know, who’s calling $1,000 for some pixels “cheap”, but there’s where we are in today’s market, you can’t find something much better unless you want some safari mesh stuff.

Driver gloves rezan the red & shadow daggers autotronic

The 5th combo on this list is the field-tested Driver Gloves Rezan the Red combined with Shadow Daggers Autotronic (also FT). You can get this combo for just around $300 on marketplaces like skinport or skinbaron. If you want to get a better quality on the gloves you could upgrade to the minimal wear ones for $150 more.

these are our 5 best cheap CS2 knife and glove combos in 2023

That’s it! These are in our opinion some of the best cheap CS2 knife and glove combos in 2023. We hope that you enjoyed the skin combinations above, or atleast one of them. It’s too bad for our pockets that the skinmarket has gone up like crazy in the last couple of years, but that’s the way it is. Check out more interesting CS2 articles on our page!