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CS2 gambling promo codes in 2023

cs2 gambling promo codes in 2023

If you’re a Counter-Strike 2 player, you’re most likely familiar with gambling sites as well. You might not even gamble yourself, but nowadays you’ll find gambling sponsorships wherever you look. Below we have put together a few sites that come with a promo code which you can use to get yourself a bonus. The bonus might differ depending on the site, so make sure to have your eyes open before signing up to the site of your choice.

CSGOFast promo code

CSGOFast is one of those OG sites in the CS gambling industry. They are mostly known for their jackpot part, but they offer other game modes such as roulette and wheel of fortune as well.. Cases and case battles also got launched recently! Signup with this link or simply use the promo code CS2GAMBA on the site. You’ll get a free $1 to gamble with, but best of all, you’ll also get a sweet 10% bonus on your deposit!

hotpizza.gg promo code

hotpizza promo code

If you’re just into opening CS2 cases, but want a fresh design that sticks out from the rest, then hotpizza.gg might be the place for you. The style of this site is very unique with it’s cartoonish images and cases. You also open cases with PIZZAS! Use this link or promo code CS2GAMBA to get $0.5 for free. As you can see in the left corner of the image, you can also get a 10% deposit bonus!

csgoempire promo code

csgoempire promo code 2023

CSGOEmpire is one of the popular CS2 gambling sites and is known for it’s roulette part, but they also offer match betting and coinflip, and apparently both cases and case battles are on the way! Use this link or promo code CS2GAMBLERS for a free case worth up to $1,500!

clash.gg promo code

Clash.gg has been growing like crazy lately and is one of the more popular, if not the most popular, case opening site right now. The design is top-notch and they have several game modes available. But yes, most people are there for the cases and case battles. Use this link or promo code CS2GAMBA for a 5% bonus on ALL your deposits!

Hellcase promo code

hellcase promo code

Hellcase is an OG case opening site which still is very, very popular. Awesome design and great cases. They also have case battles of course, and upgrader if you’d like to upgrade the skins you get. Use this link or promo code CS2GAMBLERS for a 10% deposit bonus!

keydrop promo code

keydrop promo code

Key-drop is a CS2 case opening and case battle site with over 5M visitors each month. The design is great, and they usually host funny events that everyone can join! Upgrader is an option here as well. Use this link or code CS2GAMBLERS and open some free daily cases!